Thursday, March 24, 2011

Why I'm mad at Barack-star today

All this lousy world news (wars, earthquakes, tsunamis, unemployment, collapse of the Euro, fat children, borders under assault by illegal aliens, healthcare costs, etc. etc.) has completely knocked Elizabeth Taylor's passing off the front page and the cable news channels.

That totally bums me out.

And, I blame Barack for not handling these situations as they came up.


I wanted to see more old footage of Richard Burton and Liz, National Velvet, Liz as Maggie in Cat On A Hot Tin Roof, Elizabeth wearing those turban hats, hanging out with cool guys like Rock Hudson, Roddy McDowell, and Montgomery Clift...but no.

It's just one crappy story after another. The world is falling apart. This bad news has even knocked Charlie Sheen out of the A Block.

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