Thursday, February 10, 2011

Catching up

I've really missed checking in with you guys who lurk around here. Here are some random thoughts (in no particular order).

Wow. How about that "storm of the century?" Yep, shut the whole city down for five days for virtually nothing. My favorite part of it was hearing a tv weather dude claim his forecast had been "spot on." He said it with a straight face, too. Hopefully, the cold weather is over and we're headed into spring. Then those same folks can be wrong about rain.

The Super Bowl was a little underwhelming. Granted, we were at a huge party and I wasn't glued to the game but it seemed like everytime I looked up someone was dropping a pass. On the other hand, the food and company were outstanding.

Here's what I've read recently: Little Bee, Luncheon of the Boating Party, Mark Twain's Autobiography, Nemesis and Decision Points.

I love my friends. It's good to have people with integrity on your side.

Metromix has announced the Top 10 Twitter users in the STL. If you've ever thought about getting into Twitter, these folks are a good start. I remember when some people I used to work with called Twitter a fad. Visionary, huh?

Ah, there's so much more to talk about...Egypt, the Blues, Tony LaRussa back for another year to torment us, guys in the corner offices, my favorite TV show--Justified--back on the air, etc. etc.

We'll both just have to come back.

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