Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Knock, knock. Hu's There?

This is not a joke.

Who was invited to the state dinner with Barackstar and Mobama, and China's Hu Jintao?

Among others...Jackie Chan, ice skater Michelle Kwan, wedding dress designer Vera Wang, Law & Order's B.D. Wong, and cellist Yo Yo Ma.


Also in attendance was Barbara Streisand who yukked it up by saying her connection with the dinner was “I used to work at a Chinese restaurant.” Again, I'm not joking.

Interestingly, the Obama's did away with the traditional red carpet. Instead, Mobama donned a red dress and matching red gloves. Perhaps showing some sort of weird solidarity with the majority holder of our bank note.

No word if former advisor and Mao-afficionado Anita Dunn was invited.

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