Monday, October 18, 2010

Why so angry?

Why is Barack-star so angry? In the last two years he got everything he wanted. Massive health care bill, bailouts for Wall Street, ownership of a huge auto company, a parade of czars to push through his agenda with no legislative approval necessary, media adoration, porous borders allowing streams of illegal immigrants into the country, a date certain for leaving Afghanistan to embolden the Taliban to wait it out, financial reform that rescues unsecured union investments but gives pennies on the dollar to guaranteed bond holders, a bully pulpit with mobile teleprompters, a majority in both houses of congress that should insure automatic passage of anything his presidential heart desires, even a private Paul McCartney concert with a few of his closest friends.

So what's the problem? Lighten up, Barack-star. It's our turn. That's what happens in a democracy.

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