Monday, August 30, 2010


In a week and three days we're leaving for a fall vacation.

I used to have a boss who resented it when people used the vacation days they'd earned or took time off during holidays. It was a weird tic he had that made you feel guilty for enjoying your time away from the office. It also caused me to wonder what was going on in his personal life that caused him to want to spend so much time at the office...but that's another story.

So, back to our vacation...

We're leaving for NYC next week. We spend two days in the Big Apple. We're having dinner with some folks we met on our trip to Italy a couple of years ago who are just about the most fun people you'll ever spend time with. Roberta is an event planner and Walter is an independent investment banker. Roberta is going to look for Broadway tickets, too.

We're also hoping to see my brother, sister-in-law, niece Megan and Patrick, her fiance. And, since we'll be there during the 9/11 anniversary, we're planning to join the crowd at Ground Zero on Saturday.

Then we board the Queen Mary II. Yes, you read that right!! The Queen Mary II--one of the most beautiful ocean liners ever built. We're crossing the Atlantic for seven days, docking in Southampton.

We culminate our trip with four days in glorious London. Oh my. Once a year the Queen opens her palace for a few commoners. We're two of them! Yes, Mr. C. and I will be inside Buckingham Palace! I can hardly believe it myself.

Besides the palace visit, we'll be packing as much in those four days as possible--everything from dinner at one of Gordon Ramsay's restaurants to an afternoon at the horse races to a play (The Merry Wives of Windsor) at the Old Globe.

It will be so fabulous to spend two weeks completely enjoying ourselves, with no one checking a time sheet trying to make me feel guilty for having a life.

[BTW, if you have a boss like the one above--ignore him. You earn your time off by working hard and have a right to enjoy every single second of it.]

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Tony and Jennifer said...

It sounds like an absolute blast! I want to go!