Friday, July 23, 2010

Book Report: The Road Less Traveled

The Road Less Traveled was written by psychoanalyst M.Scott Peck. The first line is "Life is difficult." Amen to that. Peck goes on from there to describe a mature individual's path toward spirituality. It's important to emphasize "mature". Peck postulates that a person's education, worldly success, personal wealth, or lack thereof...are no indicators that an individual will achieve a spiritual existence. In fact, according to Peck, the path toward spirituality is so difficult most people just give up.

Too bad. Peck gives us this as the magnificent essence of true spirituality and oneness with God:

If as adults, walking around on two legs, capable of making independent choices that influence the world, we can identify our mature free will with that of God, then God will have assumed through our conscious ego a new and potent life form. We will have become God's agent, his arm,so to speak, and therefore part of Him. And insofar as we might then through our conscious decisions be able to influence the world according to His will our lives themselves will become the agents of God's grace. We ourselves will then become one form of the grace of God working on His behalf among mankind, creating love where love did not exist before, pulling our fellow creatures up to our own level of awareness, pushing the plane of human evolution forward.

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