Saturday, June 19, 2010

He has no idea what he doesn't know

Sometimes people just don't know what they don't know.

I had a boss once who referred to Asians as "Orientals". I guarantee you he thinks of himself as one of the 'smartest guys in the room', but he's clueless.

That's what I think is going on with Barack-star and this massive oil spill. Obviously, Barack-star's a smart dude. No doubt he was at the top of his class throughout his many years of schooling. A+, A+, A+. But, he apparently missed the real world experience that separates him from the rest of us "little folks" who are trying to make a good life, while we make a good living.

In his speech Tuesday, 57 days after the oil rig exploded, Barack-star finally told us what he's going to do about the boils down to 1) appointing another czar and 2) establishing another commission to determine what happened.

That's it! That's all! Barack-star is clueless. He has no idea what he doesn't know. He still thinks he can get by by playing to the teacher...only there is no teacher! He's the President of the United States for heaven's sake. Do something. Anything. Okay, anything but appoint a czar or establish a commission.

So, while Bobby Jindal tries to get barges to his state's coastline to suck up some oil only to be blocked by the feds because the barges didn't have enough safety vests, regular folks are sending BP more than 5000 ideas daily on how to sop up the mess, and even Kevin Costner has gotten in on the act with a "dream machine" he says will separate oil from water--our President makes a speech, meets with BP for 20 minutes, and then goes out for another round of golf. Genius.

Barack-star! Being a leader is more than just talking a good game. Do something.

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