Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Book Report: The Time Traveler's Wife

Here's a funny story. I never read this book whenever it was tops on the charts. I never saw it at the movies. I thought it was about an astronaut's wife and that just didn't interest me. Don't ask how I got that idea, the title is clearly "THE TIME TRAVELER'S WIFE."

So, it really is about time travel. And, once you kind of catch on to the flow of the book it's okay. Henry meets Claire when he's grown and she's a little girl...eventually they fall in love. That part is a little creepy to me.

The rest of the book is pretty good, but I think I liked the structure of the novel and Henry's and Claire's side-by-side timelines better than the actual story.

Read it though, it's a little bit of a challenge--but a nice love story with a twist.

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Jenn said...

Don't watch the movie. The book was much better....and of course Aaron didn't read the book so he was confused most of the movie. I liked the book...once I figured everything out!
Oh...I finally got The Help and I love it....almost finished and can't put it down!