Thursday, February 11, 2010

Too good for words

Sleaze-bag John-Boy Edwards and New Age Baby Mamma Rielle Hunter are allegedly engaged. [At least that's what the National Enquirer is reporting, and they've been right on the whole sordid affair for the last two years.]

In the meantime, deposed Saint Elizabeth Edwards is threatening to sue John-Boy's former assistant Andrew Young. Young spilled the beans to the world about baby Quinn, Rielle, John-Boy, and Elizabeth's nasty mouth in a tell-all book and on network TV. And what's Elizabeth suing Andrew for? Hahahahaha. LOSS OF AFFECTION!! Elizabeth, honey, wake up! Andrew didn't have the affair with John-Boy it was Rielle.

Oh, BTW, John Boy and deposed Saint Elizabeth aren't divorced yet.

I am so proud that I recognized John-Boy as a phony the first time I ever saw him way back in 2000.


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