Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Going for the gold

I don't think I've told you. I'm participating in the Olympics! The Knitting Olympics!

I'm in three events:
Junior Olympics (baby sweater)
Charity Curling (baby beanies for THRIVE, Pregnancy Resource Center)
WIPs--Works in progress-- Dancing (finishing the second sock of a pair I started last year)

There are nearly 9500 knitters across the world registered in the Knitting Olympics. Probably thousands more who aren't registered, but are participating. I belong to the St. Louis group--The Toasted Ravs.

The rules are simple, pick a project that stretches your abilities, cast on during the opening ceremonies, knit, knit, knit, for the next two weeks. If you finish your event by closing ceremonies you win a medal. Yee haw. I'm all about the bling.

So, for the next two weeks, don't call--I'm knitting.


Jenn said...

That sounds like fun! I'm all about the competition...I want to learn how to knit just so that I could make the hat that the U.S. team wore in the opening ceremonies!! Don't forget to take pictures...I'm sure they will turn out so cute!

AmberT said...

sounds pretty cool! great idea. hope you win!!!