Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"The best view of a train wreck is from the high road"

I've been wondering what to say about the latest twists in this never-ending, sleazy, tawdry, John-Boy Edwards affair.

Well, I'm just going to reprint what Karol from Alarming News has to say, because I can't do any better:

Why now?
The story that Elizabeth Edwards has left John Edwards is pretty astounding.

She didn’t leave him when she found out he cheated, even helped conceal the affair so that he could still pursue the presidency.

She didn’t leave him when pictures surfaced of him holding a child any monkey knew was his.

She didn’t leave him when he went on TV and admitted to the affair, clarifying the timing but denying his child.

Elizabeth Edwards only left her husband when he finally, finally did the right thing and accepted responsibility for his child.

Her timing lends a lot of weight to the story that she’s the wicked witch of the south. What kind of woman stays through all of that and then leaves when her husband finally steps up and behaves like a man? It’s as if she was ready to live out her days with him as long as they could pretend the child didn’t exist. The fact that the child would be hurt in the process seemed not to matter at all. Cold.

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Jenn said...

YIKES!! I didn't hear that she had officially left him yet...wow....Karol said it just great.
They are both pretty messed up.