Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Reader of the free world's State Of The Union Address

Tomorrow night at 8pm Barack-star delivers the annual State Of The Union Address. Unfortunately, Barack-star's perception of the state of the union is very different than mine.

In one year, I see that our country has lost 3.6 million jobs. Unfortunately, Barack-star and his spokespeople keep telling us that their efforts have saved or created anywhere between 1-2 million jobs. Really? How do you figure, Barack-star? That part they can't tell us.

Unemployment hovers around 10-12% (not counting folks who have just quit looking for a job, which brings the number closer to 17%). Even though Barack-star promised if the obscenely expensive stimulus bill was passed unemployment wouldn't go above 8%.

We've been subjected to months of our elected representatives wasting time making backroom deals that stink to high heaven, to get a healthcare bill passed that nearly 60% of voters say they don't even want. Just two days ago, Barack-star's chief advisor said they're not backing off. According to him, the only reason us rubes in the hinterland don't want this thing is because we don't understand it.

Barack-star ran on a platform of hope and change. Added benefits were to be transparency and bi-partisanship. What we got was the most highly divided, polarized political climate in my lifetime. In more than 400 speeches Barack-star has continued to lay all blame at the altar of the Bush administration and refused to take any personal responsibility for anything even slightly negative.

We've coddled at least two terrorists who attacked innocent U.S. citizens (one successfully), giving them rights previously only given to citizens. We've been told that the monster responsible for 9-11 is to receive a trial in the same city he tried to destroy.

All through the campaign Barry and his folks told us over and over that he'd never raise taxes on the middle class. He went on to say over and over that if you made less than $250,000 you'd be safe from additional taxes. Apparently he's done a 180 on that promise too. Economists on both sides of the aisle say we're looking at tax increases on all Americans of $1.4 trillion over the next decade.

Barack-star likes to remind us that he inherited the biggest deficit in the history of the U.S. True enough. Unfortunately, he's made a bad situation worse. Economists are predicting that the budget deficit will quadruple in 2009 to $1.75 trillion. Barack-star is expected to read some lines in the State Of The Union Address about making budget cuts. He'll have to slash a lot, because cutting the projected deficit in half would still leave deficits twice as high as they were under President Bush.

I didn't vote for Barack-star, but I hoped and prayed he'd surprise me.

He hasn't.

"The truest characters of ignorance are vanity, and pride and arrogance."
Samuel Butler

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