Saturday, November 14, 2009

Go Big Red!

As of my birthday gift from Mr. C:

What would be better for a girl from Nebraska, but her very own Huskers' Snuggie?
The back view is a little weird. In the advertisements they never tell you that cute little snuggie looks like this:I suppose it's reversible, but I prefer to wear my snuggie like it's pictured on the box.

And, here I am in my Snuggie dreaming about another national title for my beloved Big Red--and how I'll look today when Nebraska beats Kansas.

Wrapping up our birthday month, here's a photo from John's family birthday dinner with Mom and James, James' grandpa Art, Art's wife Larraine, and Art & Larraine's buddy Reid.
And, a photo from the sushi dinner with just the two of us. Check out the cute little sushi boat.

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