Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Birthday Week

It's been birthday week around here.

First--and best--my grandmother turned 99-years-old on Halloween. I cannot tell you how cool I think that is. You have to know my grandmother to understand. She and her little dog Lucy live by themselves in a nice little house. She has tons of friends. She's very involved in her church--particularly in a benevolence program that she organized and has managed for many, many years. When I talked to her on her birthday morning she told me she's not telling people her age. So hush, hush. Please don't be ratting me out. As you can see from her picture you would never guess the year she was born.

Then it was Mr. C's birthday. We celebrated Sunday night with a big family dinner, then again on Monday with just the two of us. We went to I ♥ Mr. Sushi. [Terrible name, good sushi].

Yesterday was my brother Steve's birthday. He lives in New Jersey and he's one of the political liberals I have to deal with at family gatherings. I sent him a Happy Birthday text message with a note that I hoped he wasn't voting for that slime ball Jon Corzine. I haven't heard from him today, so I don't know how he's feeling post birthday and post election.

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Jenn said...

Ha ha ha....about the liberal brother, voting for that slimeball Jon C.....

We have the best grandmother. What a wonderful example she is to all of us!! Love her and can't wait for thanksgiving!! :)

Glad that you and the hubby had a great birthday celebration...not too into Sushi, but I bet it was fun just all being together!! :)