Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sign of the times

fur·lough [ fúr lo ]

noun (plural fur·loughs)


1. leave from duty: leave of absence from duty, especially military duty

2. grant of leave: an official paper authorizing leave of absence

3. U.S. leave from prison: a period of leave granted to a prisoner, usually as a reward for good behavior and to reduce incarceration costs

4. U.S. work layoff: a layoff of workers, especially one that is temporary

Yep, I'm facing week 1 of an unpaid, involuntary furlough. The economic crisis continues, and regardless of what the politicians are saying there's no real end in sight. Friends, family members, co-workers have all been affected--whether through temporary or permanent job loss, decline in investments, or loss of security. Reflect on that and do what you can to help each other. Folks are hurting.

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