Thursday, August 20, 2009

John Edwards gets sleazier

Ambulance chaser-turned politician-turned two time presidential candidate loser-turned cheater on his terminally ill wife-turned baby daddy-turned hush money payer--John Boy Edwards just got sleazier.

Didn't think it was possible, did you?

In an about face to "do the right thing" John Boy Edwards is getting ready to acknowledge he's the baby daddy to New Age, sometimes-videographer, Rielle Hunter's 18-month-old daughter, Frances. Frances is the same baby John Boy Edwards' dying wife called "it" on a memorable Oprah interview a few months ago. Finally acknowledging his paternity is a stand up thing to do {albeit a little late, and there have been a couple of years of denials, and apparently he did insist on a paternity test}.

I'm not so enamoured with JB's reported plans to move Rielle and Frances into the same neighborhood as his wife and other three kids. Apparently, dying wife Elizabeth isn't too keen on the idea either. Those same reports have Elizabeth packing her bags when JB told her about Rielle and baby's big move.

In case you're wondering, I'm sure none of this about-face on John Boy's part has anything to do with the grand jury that's meeting in North Carolina right now and investigating allegations that campaign donations were used as hush money.

Cast of sleazy characters:
John Boy Edwards: see above

Rielle Hunter: formerly known as Lisa Jo Druck, had affair with John Boy resulting in out-of-wedlock baby, Frances. In addition to the baby, Rielle/Lisa Jo also produced a few You Tube videos for John Boy's campaign

Elizabeth Edwards: wife of John Boy, found out about his affair with Rielle/Lisa Jo a day before he announced he was running a second time for the presidency, but still publicly supported his candidacy. Denied knowing anything about JB having affair until she released her own tell-all book: Resilience

Pigeon O'Brien: Friend of Rielle/Lisa Jo who claims the affair began in February 2006--six months before Edwards hired Hunter to produce videos for his campaign...hmmmm...someone's not telling the truth here.

Andrew Young: Lifelong friend of John Boy Edwards, agreed to coverup Edwards' affair with Hunter by claiming the child was his and moved Rielle/Lisa Jo into his home with his wife and three children. In exchange John Boy agreed to `take care of him forever'. Young is now working on a tell-all book of his own, John Boy isn't talking to him any more.

Fred Baron: Texas trial lawyer who made gobs and gobs of money on asbestos cases, retired from the legal world at 55-years-old and immersed himself in politics raising money for the Democratic Party and other special interests. Admitted to giving money to Rielle/Lisa Jo & Andrew Young et al to set up housekeeping in Santa Barbara, but claimed he paid her directly, and didn't use campaign money. Baron also claimed (insert laugh here) that John Boy had no idea he had given money to Rielle/Lisa Jo and Andrew Young to go away. Baron was paid nearly 1.1 million dollars by the Edwards campaign for his service as a fundraiser. Baron died in 2008 of multiple myeloma.

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