Monday, August 31, 2009

Curiouser and curiouser

As if the whole Michael Jackson thing isn't bizarre there are reports that Macaulay Culkin is Blanket Jackson's father. Blanket is MJ's youngest son.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

RIP Dominick Dunne 1925-2009

Ahhhh...Dominick Dunne. What a great writer. What a great story of redemption.

Dominick was born into a family of privilege, but said he always felt like an outsider among the supremely wealthy. He worked in the heyday of television and hung out with the beautiful people of the sixties: John Gregory Dunne (married to writer Joan Didion) was his brother, Elizabeth Taylor, Truman Capote, the Reagans, Stephen Sondheim, Lauren Bacall, Humphrey Bogart, Grace Kelly, Steve McQueen.

Eventually years of partying caught up with Dominick and he faced up to his addictions to alcohol and cocaine. He'd lost his job, his wife, his friends. He left Hollywood in 1979, and holed up in a one-room cabin in rural Oregon. He sobered up there. And he wrote his first book there, The Winners.

About his wife, Lenny, he said, "She was the real thing, and I became a fake." Even after they divorced he remained devoted to her. Dominick was beside her all the way through her 25-year battle with multiple sclerosis in 1972, until her death in 1997. After she died, he said their divorce was his greatest regret and that Lenny was his one true love.

After Oregon, Dunne moved back to New York. His second career as a writer was lucrative. He wrote for Vanity Fair...first a chronicle of the murder trial of the man who killed his daughter Dominique. Later, articles on the OJ Simpson trial, Claus Von Bulow trials, the Menendez brothers, Phil Spector, William Kennedy Smith, and Ethel Kennedy's nephew Michael Skakel.

And (those of you who know me know how I love an impeccably dressed gentleman) he was a natty dresser: french cuffs, gold cufflinks, dark jackets, gray flannel slacks, starched shirts with club ties. He used a fountain pen.

Last spring he summed up his life, "I enjoyed every second."

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thursday, August 20, 2009

John Edwards gets sleazier

Ambulance chaser-turned politician-turned two time presidential candidate loser-turned cheater on his terminally ill wife-turned baby daddy-turned hush money payer--John Boy Edwards just got sleazier.

Didn't think it was possible, did you?

In an about face to "do the right thing" John Boy Edwards is getting ready to acknowledge he's the baby daddy to New Age, sometimes-videographer, Rielle Hunter's 18-month-old daughter, Frances. Frances is the same baby John Boy Edwards' dying wife called "it" on a memorable Oprah interview a few months ago. Finally acknowledging his paternity is a stand up thing to do {albeit a little late, and there have been a couple of years of denials, and apparently he did insist on a paternity test}.

I'm not so enamoured with JB's reported plans to move Rielle and Frances into the same neighborhood as his wife and other three kids. Apparently, dying wife Elizabeth isn't too keen on the idea either. Those same reports have Elizabeth packing her bags when JB told her about Rielle and baby's big move.

In case you're wondering, I'm sure none of this about-face on John Boy's part has anything to do with the grand jury that's meeting in North Carolina right now and investigating allegations that campaign donations were used as hush money.

Cast of sleazy characters:
John Boy Edwards: see above

Rielle Hunter: formerly known as Lisa Jo Druck, had affair with John Boy resulting in out-of-wedlock baby, Frances. In addition to the baby, Rielle/Lisa Jo also produced a few You Tube videos for John Boy's campaign

Elizabeth Edwards: wife of John Boy, found out about his affair with Rielle/Lisa Jo a day before he announced he was running a second time for the presidency, but still publicly supported his candidacy. Denied knowing anything about JB having affair until she released her own tell-all book: Resilience

Pigeon O'Brien: Friend of Rielle/Lisa Jo who claims the affair began in February 2006--six months before Edwards hired Hunter to produce videos for his campaign...hmmmm...someone's not telling the truth here.

Andrew Young: Lifelong friend of John Boy Edwards, agreed to coverup Edwards' affair with Hunter by claiming the child was his and moved Rielle/Lisa Jo into his home with his wife and three children. In exchange John Boy agreed to `take care of him forever'. Young is now working on a tell-all book of his own, John Boy isn't talking to him any more.

Fred Baron: Texas trial lawyer who made gobs and gobs of money on asbestos cases, retired from the legal world at 55-years-old and immersed himself in politics raising money for the Democratic Party and other special interests. Admitted to giving money to Rielle/Lisa Jo & Andrew Young et al to set up housekeeping in Santa Barbara, but claimed he paid her directly, and didn't use campaign money. Baron also claimed (insert laugh here) that John Boy had no idea he had given money to Rielle/Lisa Jo and Andrew Young to go away. Baron was paid nearly 1.1 million dollars by the Edwards campaign for his service as a fundraiser. Baron died in 2008 of multiple myeloma.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Throw the book at her

I can honestly say I've never felt like bullying anyone. It's just not in me. Maybe it's because I lean more toward low on the self esteem continuum than high. I always relate more to the bully-ee than the bully-er.

That said...what is it with Missouri and the cyberbullies?

This is seriously embarrassing. First we had Lori Drew. Drew is the Missouri woman who anonymously harrassed a poor teenage girl on the internet to the point that the thirteen-year-old finally committed suicide. Unfortunately Missouri didn't have an appropriate law to charge Drew with, so the feds came in and charged her with violating MySpace's terms of agreement and a federal conspiracy. She was charged in California because that's where MySpace is headquartered. Long story short, Drew got off with a hand slap and was found guilty of a couple of minor misdemeanors.

Fast forward to today. Now we have a second grown woman (again from the St. Louuis area) accused of cyberbullying a teenager. Prosecutors say 40-year-old Elizabeth Thrasher posted a 17-year-old's picture, e-mail address and cell phone number on Craig's List in a posting saying the girl was looking for a sexual encounter.

This time the woman is being charged under the cyberbullying law that took effect last August after the Megan Meier/Lori Drew case. Under the law a cyberbullying offense can be charged as a felony if a victim is 17 or younger and the suspect is 21 or older. Under the new law Thrasher is facing up to four years in state prison, or up to a year in county jail, and a $5,000 fine.

Man oh man. Some people are really sick.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

RIP Eunice Kennedy Shriver

Sorry to hear about the passing of Special Olympics founder Eunice Kennedy Shriver. I consider her one of the "good" Kennedys. I know you're wondering what I mean by that.

Here's my personal list of the good and bad Kennedys.

Eunice Kennedy Shriver: Good
Rose Kennedy: Good
Joe Kennedy Sr.: Bad
Joe Kennedy Jr.: Good
John Kennedy Jr.: Good
Jacqueline Kennedy: Good
Caroline Kennedy: Good until she ran for NY Senate
Ted Kennedy: Bad until he was about 70 and gave up drinking
Michael Kennedy: Bad
John F. Kennedy: Good and bad
Bobby Kennedy: Good and bad
Robert Kennedy Jr: Bad
Jean Kennedy Smith: Good
Patricia Kennedy Lawford: Good
Joan Kennedy: Good when she's not drunk
Michael Kennedy: Bad
Kerry Kennedy: Bad
Patrick Kennedy: Bad

There are lots of other Kennedys that I don't have an opinion about (ie. Rory, Maria Shriver, Kathleen Townsend, Kara Kennedy etc.)

Friday, August 7, 2009

Lookin' good

I've been dieting for about five weeks. I'm having a particular "thin" day today. Wish you could see me.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sign of the times

fur·lough [ fúr lo ]

noun (plural fur·loughs)


1. leave from duty: leave of absence from duty, especially military duty

2. grant of leave: an official paper authorizing leave of absence

3. U.S. leave from prison: a period of leave granted to a prisoner, usually as a reward for good behavior and to reduce incarceration costs

4. U.S. work layoff: a layoff of workers, especially one that is temporary

Yep, I'm facing week 1 of an unpaid, involuntary furlough. The economic crisis continues, and regardless of what the politicians are saying there's no real end in sight. Friends, family members, co-workers have all been affected--whether through temporary or permanent job loss, decline in investments, or loss of security. Reflect on that and do what you can to help each other. Folks are hurting.

Things I don't understand {cont'd}

#13. Tuxedo t-shirts

Other things I don't understand: