Monday, July 27, 2009

To sleep, perchance to scream

Do you have nightmares? I do. I have a sort of recurring thing happen. It's not the same nightmare, but the same response. Basically, someone is strangling me or pinning me down or pointing a gun at me and no matter what I do I can't scream. Weird, huh? The other night it happened and I finally eeked out a peep loud enough to wake Mr. C up. I told him to hold onto me because "they" were after me. He did. All's well that ends well. I guess.

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Billigflüge USA said...

The only recurring dream I have is that everything around me gets bigger and bigger. When I was small there was also a door somewhere infront of me. Don't ask me where it came from. Somehow I stopped dreaming the door (but continued shrinking) after I read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. (Where Harry also dreams of a door)
The thing is not really a nightmare, but I always have the feeling of everything getting bigger, when I wake up.