Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Food issues nearing obsessions and compulsions

I'm worried. I'm starting to develop weird food habits. I don't think I've reached the OCD level yet or require medication, but I may need to keep an eye on this.

Tell me if these are normal behaviors or if I've gone off the food cliff:

* I can't eat food unless I know who has made it. No untraceable potluck foods for me.

* I can't eat cereal once it gets too mushy from milk or yogurt.

* I don't like to eat leftovers that have been stored in plastic baggies. They have to have been stored in plastic containers.

* No food groups should touch another on a dinner plate. Keep my vegetables away from my fruits.

* No leftovers after 48 hours.

* I can't drink out of anything but clear glass.

* No fruits cooked with meats, eg. raisins, pineapple, etc. don't belong in pork chops, chicken, beef or seafood dishes

* No vegetables masquerading as dessert, prime offender this time of year is zucchini bread or cake or whatever it is.

* Ketchup is a condiment only to be used on french fries. Also, it should only be placed on the side of the fries in a little blob...not spread all over the top of them.

* No eating off of or drinking out of chipped dishes, EVER.

* Salad forks should only be used to eat salad or dessert, never a main dish.

* Margarine is a bad invention.

* Dessert is to be served on a fresh plate. Never, ever, plop a dessert on a used dinner plate.

* I have to leave something on my dinner plate at the end of the meal. A completely cleaned off plate makes me nauseous.

* I want my finished plate removed immediately upon being finished. No lingering on the dinner table staring back at me.

* DO NOT eat off my plate. Don't worry I won't eat off of your plate.

There's more, but I've embarrassed myself enough.


Jenn said...

What is wrong with this list? I think I have all the same issues!! Must be in our genes!

Kathryn said...

Thanks for the affirmation.

Shoeaddict said...

There are SOME of these that I agree with and some that I don't. Lemme see-

I don't eat it unless I know who made it. Unless at a restaurant.

I don't eat mushy cereal.

I do believe that margerine is bad.

Dessert should be served on a fresh plate.

It depends on who is eating off of my plate. I'm not really big about that.

Jessica said..., until reading this...
I thought I had OCD....I was wrong. I am still VERY picky....

Thanks for sharing....but, unless things change by Thanksgiving, you are going to starve!!!

sstone said...

I agree totally with you! I don't think there is anything wrong with us.

Anonymous said...

Marerine is actually only a few molecules away from being plastic!

Kingsley said...

I am probably closer to this list than I want to admit.