Monday, July 20, 2009

Ch-ch-change. Change of Fools.

This morning on one of the news channels I heard some common tater explain to me that Barack-star is determined to be a Transformational President. The context was the healthcare debate. It came up in the discussion that right now a majority of Americans say government-run healthcare doesn't seem like such a hot idea to them.

Too bad what we think. This common tater insisted that since Barack-star is hell-bent on being a Transformational President we ought to just let him have his way. After all, this is Barack-star we're talking about and he's on a mission for change.

Some people love change. Some people hate change. I'm not risk averse, but I do think it's silly and immature to think that change for change sake is necessarily a good thing. It makes me crazy when I hear common taters or other folks say, "well, people voted for change when they voted for Barack-star."

What a lot of hooey.

Change in and of itself is neither good nor bad. By way of example, following are 20 examples of changes that someone originally thought were good...but obviously didn't work out too well.

Consider this a cautionary tale.

1) Break up of AT&T
2) Susan B. Anthony dollar
3) Bringing kudzu to the U.S.
4) New Coke
5) Moon boots
6) Imitation crab meat
7) The Roper's (Three's Company) and Joanie Loves Chachi (Happy Days) sequels
8) Vietnam War
9) Spray on hair
10) New math
11) Leisure suits
12) The Spruce Goose
13) Breast implants
14) U.S. vs. Microsoft Anti-trust case
15) Speed 2: Cruise Control {Sandra Bullock attempts to corral a runaway cruise ship}
16) Red Sox trading Babe Ruth to the Yankees
17) Smell-o-Vision
18) Dan Quayle
19) The Edsel
20) Sony sticking with Betamax instead of switching to VHS format

Gallery of bad ideas:

Yankee(?)Babe Ruth

Spray On Hair

Break Up of AT&T

Joanie Loves Chachi

Moon Boots


Leisure suit

Support for Barack-star's healthcare plan*:
April 57%
July 49%

Support for Barack-star's economic plan*:
March 60%
July 52%

*{Washington Post/ABC News Poll}

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