Monday, June 8, 2009

Book Report: The Guernsey Literary and Sweet Potato Peel Society

Silly name for a book, huh?

This is one of those "heartwarming" stories you'll probably love. TGLASPPS is set in post WWII Guernsey--an English island between England and France, that was occupied by the Germans during the war. The novel is epistolary: that is, told through letters.

There's a lot of buzz about this book right now. It was written by an Aunt/Niece combo. The Aunt (Mary Ann Shaffer} has since passed away. It was the aunt's first {only} novel and her niece finished it for her when she became sick.

I totally enjoyed the first part of the book. I thought the description of post WWII London and the hardships residents were facing fascinating. Not so much love for the second half of the book, which often sounded trite and forced.

Ah well, I'm still glad I read it. You'll probably love it! Most people do.

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