Thursday, June 18, 2009

Asking again, what's the rush?

First it was the bank bailout. Legislators didn't have time to read the bill so somehow a loophole allowed about a billion bucks in bonuses for American International Group executives. Embarrassing. Turbo Tim Geithner tried to outlaw bonuses, but that didn't set to well with Wall Street, so his plan was dropped quietly.

Then Barack-star, Pelosi, and Reid rammed through the stimulus package to "save the economy". Legislators didn't read the bill. Result: Billions in pork barrel projects and 8000 (!) earmarks that do nothing to stimulate the economy, but may serve to get some congressman re-elected.

Next up? A federal budget that adds zillions and zillions of dollars of long-term debt. Now the government has tacked on more than $650,000 in long term debt to every household in America. For what? What do we have to show for this massive reduction in our personal wealth?

Hey, how about "free" health care for everyone--including people who work but just choose not to pay for it, illegal aliens living in our country, and deadbeats looking for another handout? Wow. There's a good idea. Plop on another trillion or so to the budget we already can't finance. Oh yeah, hurry up. It can't wait. Pass this by July 31st or else!! Healthcare Armageddon.

And now...drum roll...Barack-star says we MUST have bank reform right now!!! It can't wait!!! And, get this, the government MUST be in charge. Turbo Tim told Congress today `Chop, Chop! Hurry up! Just approve the largest revamp of the banking industry since the great depression. Probably no need to read the legislation this time either--just trust the government, folks.'

Isn't anyone in this government living in the real world anymore?

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