Thursday, May 28, 2009

Missed me?

Here are some pictures from the James family reunion we went to last weekend. The James family is on my granddad Jesse's {mom's dad} side of the tree.

James family

James cousins and me. My mom babysat the two guys on the ends when they were little.

My {soon to be 99-year-old} Grandmom with Cousin Kay

Mom & Me

Lots of great food

This is my Aunt--my dad's sister who is married to my mom's brother

We even had entertainment


Jenn said...

LOVE the pictures!! It sounded from mom and dad that everyone had a great time they need to plan a reunion that is NOT during the school year so that we can all come!!! :) Miss all that crazy James family! So glad that ya'll got to go and see everyone and Grandma!
Oh...and yes, I've missed your posts! :)

johnc said...

Love that photo of you and Avis!

Shoeaddict said...

I love a good family reunion. Your mom is a doll.