Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Barack-Star, What's the hurry?

Hey Barack-Star, what’s the rush?? Why does your so-called reform of the healthcare industry have to be passed by July 31st? And why does credit card legislation have to be signed by Memorial Day?

Earlier this week you came out to your teleprompter with a lot of suits lined up behind you and told us you’ve coerced America's health care providers to cut $2 trillion from the growth of the price of health care over the next ten years. Good for you! Since you didn’t give any specifics about how you’re going to do that it hasn’t exactly insprired me to trust you on health care.

Health care for everyone, whether they’re working or not, a legal citizen or not, sounds great. But how are you going to pay for this? I’m hearing a sin tax on soda and Cheerios is in the plan (seriously).

Let’s just review how we’ve got to this point of me distrusting you a little bit…

First, we raced through the stimulus package because you told us over and over and over we were in a crisis. You made it sound like if we didn’t pass that stinking stimulus package right now (!) the entire American economy would collapse. Our weenie legislators didn’t even read the bill before they voted aye…all the earmarks and everything.

You do remember how you campaigned on a pledge to end earmarks, don’t you? Well, the appropriations bill you signed was jam-packed with 8,000 earmarks—not 8, not 80, not even 800—nope, 8,000 earmarks!

Maybe some of those goodies wouldn’t have made it through if someone—anyone—would have actually read the bill.

You and all the lawmakers who signed this ghastly piece of porkulus were also burned by not reading the fine print and letting a little loophole slip through your fingers. That loophole allowed about a billion bucks in bonuses for American International Group executives. Gee, that was embarrassing.

Then you proposed a budget that adds zillions and zillions of dollars of long-term debt. You act like all this spending will have no consequences! Haven’t you ever managed a budget before? Oh yeah, you haven’t. But, you say, “Trust me. Hurry, hurry, sign on the dotted line. We need the dough.”

That particular move caused thousands and thousands of folks across the country to take to the streets in protest. Unfortunately, your snarky press secretary said you weren’t even aware of the Tea Party protests. Wow. If that’s true, you’re not watching enough television or reading enough newspapers. A lot of us aren't too happy about this big old debt we'll be paying down forever.

Now you and little Timmy Turbo Geithner want the government to set limits on executive pay—even for those companies that haven’t taken any bailout money. Are you kidding me? Where’s the outrage? Why is the government acting like an HR Department? Isn’t this penalizing success? Haven’t you just crossed the line between public and private enterprise?

If that isn’t enough, today I read that Jimmy Carter, one of the most ineffective Presidents ever, is now giving you advice on environmental issues. Remember the long lines at the gas pumps his policies led to? Can’t you find someone with better credentials to advise you?

And, now the Environmental Protection Agency wants to tell every business how much carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases they can emit and tax any overages. Nevermind the internal OMB memo that says regulating greenhouse gases could actually be harmful to the economy—especially for small businesses.

I’m not naïve. I understand it’s probably politically expedient for you to ram all this through now, while the press and the public are still enamored with you. Not to mention that your opposition is at its weakest point ever. You know, throw it all against the wall and see what sticks. But be careful. Sooner or later people are going to wake up and say, “Wait a minute!” “What happened?”

I’m all for big ideas: health care, taxes, energy, education, regulation, should all be on the table. But why don’t we just take a deep breath and slow it down here, huh? Let’s carefully consider the ramifications. Let’s think about the future, the intended, and the unintended consequences of your ideas.

Barack-Star if this isn’t just a power grab of epic proportions and really a sincere effort to create reform that will better our society, why not take it easy and thoughtfully?

As my mom used to say to me, “Sleep on it. If it’s a good idea today, it will be a better idea tomorrow.”

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