Tuesday, May 12, 2009

American Idol Top 3 Semi-Finalists Perform Adam channels Aerosmith, Danny goes for Joe Cocker, Kris better than Kanye

This is the night where we get to see the top 3 contestants go home for schmaltzy reunions. They'll throw out first pitches, perform in the streets, get the keys to their cities, visit their grade schools, churches, etc, and just generally have an Up With People fun time.

Tonight Adam, Kris, and Danny will pick one song to sing and the judges will pick one song for them to sing. We all know Adam's going to win this thing. The only question that's left is who's going home next.

{Current power rankings are in parenthesis after the contestant's name}

Danny Gokey (2) Danny's first song "Dance Little Sister" was picked by Paula. Good thing this isn't Dancing With The Stars. It was okay. A little boring for me.

Kris Allen (3) Randy picked "Apologize" for Kris. Sorry, Kris, I really like you...but this performance had zero magic.

Adam Lambert (1) Simon picked U2's "One" for Adam. I've said it before...Adam's too over the top for my taste. That said, it was a great performance. Love how Simon complimented himself for his song choice.

Danny Gokey (2) "You Are So Beautiful" Best performance by Danny in weeks. He's headed for the top 2.

Kris Allen (3) Kanye West's "Heartless" never sounded so good. Kris has made it a competition, but I still think Danny will get more votes. Too bad. I like Kris better.

Adam Lambert (1) "Cryin" Adam wins.

Who should go home: Danny Gokey

Who will go home: Kris Allen

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