Wednesday, May 13, 2009

American Idol Results: HUGE SHOCKER!!! Kris Allen and Adam are the finalists!!! Danny going back home to Milwaukee!

Will there be a big surprise tonight? Will Kris make it into the finals with Adam? This is American Idol!

Last night I wrote this:

This is the night where we get to see the top 3 contestants go home for schmaltzy reunions. They'll throw out first pitches, perform in the streets, get the keys to their cities, visit their grade schools, churches, etc, and just generally have an Up With People fun time.

Actually, the Up With People night is tonight. Enjoy.

First surprise...Ryan says out of 88 million votes only 1 million votes separated the top 2. That's amazing.

Oooh! Did you see frat boy Anoop and Scott in the audience?

Adam's got more makeup on than I have ever worn!!!

Can't stand Katy Perry. Sorry.


Kris Allen: safe

Adam Lambert: safe

Danny Gokey is out!

Wow! I wanted this to happen, but didn't think it would.

Come back next week when Adam is crowned this year's winner.

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