Tuesday, May 19, 2009

American Idol Finale: The Kris vs. Adam showdown

The finals! This has been the year with the best talent and the fewest surprises. In fact, about the only surprise this whole season is Kris making it into the finals. Clearly Adam is the favorite, but Kris could win if his fans actually vote.

Now for some fun Idol trivia:

  • Anoop and Megan Corkery are an item
  • Kara is writing this year's "coronation" song
  • Bespectacled Danny Gokey {3rd place finisher} wants to design a line of eyewear {not making this up folks}
  • Ruben Studdard, Season 2 winner, says the AI powers wouldn't even pony up for his flight to Hollywood for the finals and he had to pay his own way
  • Paula bought Scott McIntyre a guide dog
  • Kris Allen had a rib removed when he was 13
  • Adam Lambert used to be a 240 pound redhead Click here for photo


  • Round One - The Contestants' Favorites
  • Round Two - Simon Fuller’s Pick
  • Round Three - The Coronation Song


    Adam Lambert reprising "Mad World". The blue light and fog are back. Not nearly as good as his performance of the same song earlier this year--way more low key. I'm also thinking Adam's new haircut has a definite Liza Minnelli feel to it. I do like the cossack coat, though. Judges love him (of course).

    Kris Allen "Ain't No Sunshine". I think it's very brave for Kris to choose to play the piano--one more added element on what must be the scariest night of his life. I've said all along that Kris was one of two real musicians in this year's contest (the other being Matt Giraud). Amazing. Love this kid. He has a lot of heart. Paula might be back on the pills...she's coined a new word..."Allenizing." Hmmmmm. Wow! Simon gives him huge props.

    Simon gives Round 1 to Kris Allen.

    Adam Lambert "Change Is Gonna' Come" We start with a trademark Lambert scream and mellow down to a more bluesy side of him, then crescendo into full on Rocky Horror Picture Show. Classic Glambert. Kara & Paula tell Adam this was his best performance ever. I really liked this performance. Amazing.

    Kris Allen "What's Going On" Great pick for Kris. This time he's playing his acoustic guitar with 3 band members. I like that he's showing his versatility. I think the arrangement could have used more melody, but I loved the rhythm.

    Simon gives Round 2 to Glambert.

    Adam Lambert "No Boundaries" The coronation song is obviously better suited to Glam's pipes. Gets a little, no, a lot, screechy and off key toward the end. Hate his pants. D for Kara's song. B for Adam's performance. Kara and Paula are in tears, succumbing to adulation, for Adam. Simon prematurely congratulates Adam on being a worldwide star.

    Kris Allen Kris' unvarnished version of Kara's "No Boundaries" shows just what a pathetic excuse for a song this is. Obviously, Kris can't compete with Adam on shouty vocals. Kris is all heart and this song doesn't do him justice. Too bad. Robbed by a poor excuse for a final song. Funny, even Kara says she doesn't want him judged on this song. I cry foul.

    Simon gives Round 3 to Glambert.

    WHO SHOULD WIN: Kris Allen

    WHO WILL WIN: Adam Lambert

    P.S. I'm really looking forward to Glee, are you?

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