Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tea parties brewing revolution

Thousands and thousands of protestors from New York to California took to the streets today to protest outrageous taxation and a government budget that leaves a growing debt to our children and children's children.

So where does this Bozo get off dismissing the Tea Parties and saying `it's an idea that hasn't really caught on.'

Huh? What planet is MSNBC's Chuck Todd living on?

There are over 500 planned events across the country! I'd bet there are more Tea Party participants than any Earth Day event ever drew.


Why shouldn't hard-working people be sick to death of a government that bails out banks, and deadbeat homeowners...but raises every tax they can on the rest of us? Why shouldn't hard-working folks be outraged by a government that goes deeper and deeper into the red as it says `yes' to every government-run social program it can think of. And, why shouldn't hard-working men and women of all ages and incomes band together to cry foul when their government leaders don't listen, don't even bother to read spending bills that commit billions and billions of dollars for decades to come and refuse to look further down the road than the next election all this stimulus money can buy?

Go ahead Chuckles. Keep your head in the sand. But remember, this is the way all revolutions started.

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Kingsley said...

I saw this. What a joke. Did you see the crazy CNN reporter in Chicago?