Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Nothing new under the sun. 39th anniversary of Earth Day.

  • One of the organizers of the first Earth Day was Ira Einhorn who's now serving a life sentence for murdering Holly Maddux. Ira's nickname is "The Unicorn Killer." Arlen Spector was Einhorn's first defense attorney.

  • The first Earth Day was April 22, 1970.

  • There's a rumor that April 22 was chosen because it's the birthday of Vladimir Lenin, the founder of the Soviet Union. Organizers have denied that.

  • The original Earth Day was planned as an "environmental teach-in". Fill-in-the-blank--ins (eg. sit, work, etc.) were popular in the seventies.

  • Earth Day was first planned to create more awareness about overpopulation, not the environment. "Zero Population Growth" was a huge movement during the seventies. Probably why most of us who came of age during that time have 0-2 kids.

  • The New York Times announced plans for the first Earth Day in a long article reporting on the rising hysteria of "global cooling".

  • The first Earth Day event included scheduled opposition to the Vietnam War. Ali McGraw and Paul Newman attended the protests in NYC.

  • Earth Day has its own flag:

  • Earth Shoes originated the same year as the first Earth Day. Marketers saw the crowds in NYC and decided to rename their product from "Anne Kals Minus Heel Shoes" to Earth Shoes.

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