Wednesday, April 22, 2009

American Idol Results: Disco Inferno Claims Two Bad Singers

I've been depressed all day. The judges wasted their save last week on Matt Mole Giraud--and immediately Simon admitted MM has no chance of winning. I have a feeling the wrong two are going home tonight. Clearly, Little and Anoop are the weakest contestants. Matt rounds out the bottom three. Still I have a feeling my oh-so talented Allison and Kris are headed home. I hope not.

Lil {Little} Rounds: out!!! Yea!!!
Kris Allen: safe Yea, again!!!
Adam Lambert: safe
Danny Gokey: safe
Anoop Desai: safe {bottom 3}
Allison Iraheta: safe {bottom 3}
Matt Giraud: safe

So, my worst nightmare. It's between the talented Allison and the Frat Boy Anoop. At least Kris is safe. Please send the right person home.

Yea, for the third time!!! Anoop is out!!!
My faith in the viewers is restored.

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