Thursday, April 2, 2009

American Idol 2009 Top 8 Power Rankings

Adam is clearly in the lead after two great weeks. Kris could be the season's surprise and jumped 4 places this week to nab the #3 spot. Sorry, but it's just a matter of time for Anoop and Scott to pack their bags and call it a day.

1. Adam Lambert

2. Danny Gokey
3. Kris Allen
4. Allison Iraheta
5. Matt Giraud
6. Lil {aka Little} Rounds
7. Anoop Desai
8. Scott McIntyre


Anonymous said...

1. Danny- He and Adam are clearly the favorites to be one and two in this year's contest. However, I believe Danny is more generally liked, and therefore, he deserves the top spot.
2. Adam- Some weeks his performances are so unique that half of America hates him. Yes, his fans will always love him, but the general public is not always on his side. I do think he will be in the finals no matter what, and he has a very good chance of winning, but I feel like his over the top performances are disliked enough for him not to be the frontrunner at this point.
3. Kris- He definitely has put himself in the perfect spot. Although he made the Top 12 because of his looks, his strong performances since then have put him in the running.
4. Matt- If his horrible rendition of "You Found Me" didn't get him a spot in the bottom 3, I don't know what will. I think he has a large enough fan base to get him into the Top 4, which is why he is in the 4 spot. Honestly, I think he is the worst singer left.
5. Lil- Although she continues to get negative comments from the judges, she has remained out of the bottom 3. Because of this, she is above Allison, who I think is better than her.
6. Allison- Best girl remaining, and although she has the talent to win, she doesn't seem to have a big enough fan base to win. She has been in the bottom 3 twice.
7. Scott- He was great last week, and his disability could be enough to crack the top 5. More likely he will finish 6th.
8. Anoop- He and Matt are very similar in that whenever they attempt to pop songs, they fail. The judges and fans like Matt more, which is why Matt is up at 4 and Anoop is down at 5.

Anonymous said...

i think you are right, Danny may win even though he is boring and safe and honestly sounds like a good wedding singer compared to adam. The way I vote is will I pay money to see that performance, and I have not voted since Bo Bice was on idol

So adam is a hell of a singer and will have the best career out of the 8 remaining

Anonymous said...

I don't think Danny is going to win, even though he is talented. He is a front runner, but he sometimes his performances are a little boring. I mean, good voice, but pick something else that is younger, more contemporary you know? If Adam can learn how to not be affected in his performances and continue to tone it down, he has a good chance of winning. I think that Adam, Matt, and Danny are going to be in the Top 3.

Anonymous said...

adam is the most versatile artist to ever grace idol. he might have a wierd demeanor about him but the boy can flat out perform like no other. even his twist on that johnny cash song shows his creativity, and he probably knows nothing about country music. if he wasn't in the competion i woudln't know who would win.