Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Yee-haw! American Idol 2009 Top 11 Sing Grand Ole Opry

The theme tonight is the "Grand Ole Opry." That could potentially bode well for Michael Sarver and Kris Allen, not so well for Anoop and Adam. Simon should have ample opportunity for a snarky play on words with song titles, {eg. Shameless, Tell Me I Was Dreaming, Poor, Poor Pitiful Me, etc.}We'll see. Last week's power rankings are after each person's name.

Note: If any of the contestants wear a bandana tonight they'll automatically drop down a notch in next week's power rankings.

Michael Sarver (9) Michael draws the short straw to be the #1 performer. Mentor Randy Travis doesn't seem to be a fan of his song choice, "Ain't Goin' Down 'til the Sun Comes Up." Something about there being too many words. I thought Michael was just okay. Whew! There are a lot of words. Not so many notes though. The judges diss him because the song didn't show off his voice. Simon hated it. Not surprising--he hates country music. Two words: Boring. Forgettable.

Allison Iraheta (8) Randy Travis gives Allison great advice: `Don't try to be too cute, just sing it out with your great pipes.' And, she does. I love how she takes "Blame It On Your Cheatin' Heart" and makes it contemporary. Kara says she could sing the alphabet. Randy says it was dope. Randy Travis smiles real big. I wonder if the big blonde woman sitting next to him is his wife.

Kris Allen (10) Randy Travis is so likeable. He seems very sincere when he tells Kris "good job" and that Garth Brooks would be proud of him. Kris sings the ballad "To Make You Feel My Love" and it's really beautiful. A tad boring, but nice nonetheless. I'm never not usually a fan when the contestants sing sitting down, but this song kind of warrants it. About halfway through the tune, Kris kind of loses his voice--it comes back in a a couple of bars. Paula calls him pure and honest. {She seems surprisingly lucid this season, doesn't she?} Simon gives him a big compliment and says it was terrific. Randy calls him a "tender dawg."

Lil Rounds (5) I know you love Lil. Well, I'm just not a big fan. First...I hate her hair. Secondly...I hate her dress. Third...when she sings "Independence Day" it seems like she has no idea what she's singing about. When she starts belting out the chorus she sounds better. It's the slow, melodic parts that are just slow and not so melodic. Finally, I hate that the judges are in the tank for her and give her a pass for being just okay. {BTW, Paula loved Lil's hair and dress}. Simon calls her Little, instead of Lil. Now that's entertainment. Lil is also one of those contestants who insists on talking and talking and talking and talking.

Adam Lambert (2) Is Adam Lambert freakishly tall, or what? Seriously. He's a Goliath. Has a double chin, too. I imagine the judges will love this bastardization of "Ring of Fire". Not me. I'll use one of Simon's favorite words...indulgent. For musical theater, it might work in context. There is no context here. And, yes, Simon called it indulgent.

Scott McIntyre (7) I worry that Scott is becoming a little boring. He sings "Wild Angel" and there's just nothing memorable about it. Sorry. Paula calls it `lovely.' I think that's code for boring. The judges say basically what I said about Scott being boring...only they're nicer about it. One more thing--I know he can't see it, but he really needs to do something with that hair.

Alexis Grace (3) I'm so glad someone's singing Dolly Parton's "Jolene". It's one of the finest songs ever. I love Alexis, but she tends to shout through a lot of her songs which throws her pitch off. Points for her outfit. The judges pretty much tell her she stunk.

Danny Gokey (1) You knew somebody was going to sing Carrie Underwood. Who knew it would be Danny? Danny's the first contestant to get really starstruck by Randy Travis. Oh my goodness, what is he wearing?? It's a sort of white parka thing. And the song is just really awful until the chorus. I mean--astoundingly awful and then thankfully, the chorus hit. Simon agrees with me about the outfit.

Anoop Desai (11) Randy Travis promises that this will be the best we've heard from Anoop. I hope so. Randy's right. Anoop sings "Always On My Mind" and even though it's no match for Willie it's great. Nice job, Anoop. Paula's almost crying tears of joy. Simon says he went from "zero to hero."

Megan Corkrey (6)Megan needs to hit it out of the park after last week's performance. Even Randy Travis tells her she has to be perfect. Megan tackles Patsy Cline standard "Walking After Midnight." Unfortunately, I'm completely distracted by the tattoo snaking up her arm. Thank goodness there's money in the stimulus plan for tattoo removal {seriously}. Anyway, I like it {the performance, not the tattoo}. She reminds me of Ricky Lee Jones. Note: Megan Corkrey is now Megan Joy. Whatever.

Matt Giraud (4) Another Carrie Underwood song, "Seem So Small". I think Matt Giraud is a true musician. He's growing on me and may be the dark horse contestant. He pierced Paula's heart. Simon agrees he hasn't had enough credit and says Matt reminds him of Michael Buble. Randy calls it the best performance of the night.

Top 3:
Allison Iraheta
Matt Giraud

Bottom 3:
Adam Lambert
Michael Sarver
Megan Corkrey

Going home:
Michael Sarver


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