Monday, March 9, 2009

Questions you should be asking

You can blame George Bush for lots of things, but you can't blame him for the plummeting stock market. Why? The Dow Jones is what's call a "leading indicator."

How the stock market performs indicates how the economy will perform in the future. In other words, folks who invest in the stock market are essentially betting on how things will be down the road. The belief is that large decreases in stock prices are reflective of a future recession, while large increases in stock prices suggest future economic growth.

So a 25% tanking of the DOW Jones since Barack-star's inauguration is Wall Street's response to the new president's economic policies--not George Bush's.

Other leading indicators:
building permits -4.8%
housing starts -16.8%
unemployment insurance claims 7.6% January 8.1% February

It's time stop blaming a guy who's not even in office for the state of the economy and instead use those energies to start doing what we can to change it.

If you voted for Barack-star you voted for change. So, let's go ahead and change things. Get educated about what your legislators are proposing. Will their plans limit unemployment? Create jobs? Strengthen the credit market? Which will in turn strengthen the housing and building markets? What are your legislators doing to buck up small businesses? Remember small businesses are the strength and backbone of our country, as well as the source of innovation and entrepreneurial risk-taking.

Call your legislators, email them, tell them what you think. You'd be amazed at how quickly they react to their constituents.

Click on this link to contact your legislators.

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