Sunday, March 29, 2009

Chicago Weekend: Suggestions needed!

We're going to Chicago for 3 days in April. What should we do? See? Where should we eat? Leave us your suggestions. The winning entry will get a souvenir.


Lesli said...

I already tweeted this & probably not a winning answer. Or even very original....but what I like to do is shop on Michigan Avenue!

Joey said...

Go see Oprah, of course! Maybe she'll do her Favorite Things for Spring show. (Probably not... she said she couldn't justify the Christmas one because of the economy.) If you can't get in (and I'm guess you neither want to nor can), you could always try to get into Jerry Springer.

You could go to the top of the Hancock Building for a mocktail. I enjoyed that! The view is spectacular! Or go to the Sears Tower before it becomes the Willis Tower (yuck).

Michigan Avenue... duh!

I have no idea where I ate, and I am certain I won't win the souvenir!

Lesli said...

As Joey said, Michigan Avenue- duh! I am sure he meant that in the nicest way possible, or is he calling me stupid?!! I need to send him an email. Anyhow he is right--definitely go to the top of the John Hancock and also Sears Tower. If you got to see Oprah and it was her Favorite Things show, that would be awesome. I also think you need to eat a Chicago Dog (although I am a vegetarian) and go to some art museums.

Anonymous said...

Go to the museum where they have the lion from the move "The Ghost and the Darkness"

Ed. Tritschler said...

A Cubs game at Wrigley field. Take John to a Blackhawks game.Evening tea at the Ritz Carlton. A steak at Harry Carey's. I vote the prize for little old Ed

Katie said...

If you like cajun, check out Heaven on Seven (2 or 3 different locations). Eli and I loved it! When we were there last October, we were also able to see the Blues beat the Blackhawks! Very fun.

Shedd Aquarium was also one of our favorite stops.