Monday, March 2, 2009

Book Report: Pompeii & Thunderstruck

Pompeii by Robert Harris is historical fiction about, you guessed it, Pompeii. I liked this book a lot, mainly because I'm fascinated with all things Pompeii-related. Besides what's not to love about a book about an "Aquarian" in charge of fixing an aqueduct? Seriously, add in the forbidden love, political intrigue and the volcano, and I give it 3 stars...4 if you're an historical fiction lover.

Thunderstruck is the second book I've read by Erik Larson. First was Devil in the White City which I loved. Can't say I loved Thunderstruck quite as much, but it's a good non-fiction yarn that intertwines Marconi's race to perfect the invention of the wireless (radio) and an English murder mystery. Thunderstruck, like Larson's Devil in the White City reads like riveting fiction. You'll like it if you like history. I do and I did. 3 1/2 stars.

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