Tuesday, March 10, 2009

American Idol Top 13 Perform: And so it begins

Tonight all 13 perform. Tomorrow night two will be sent home to put us back on track for a big finish in May.

Lil Rounds Ooohh. Too bad Lil got the first spot, that's never good in this competition but especially not good in the early going. Too much time between the performance and the voting. Still, Lil brought the house down in her group of 12 last week. If I remember correctly though, she didn't have much competition. Tonight will be her first real test. Personally, she reminds me too much of a thin Fantasia to be of interest. Lil has the requisite sad back story: 23-year-old, mom of three, lost her Memphis apartment in a tornado. As for the performance I loved her singing. Hated the outfit. And her squiggly dancing kind of creeped me out. I think it's a safe bet Lil is safe.

Scott McIntyre Blind Scott McIntyre is a judges' favorite, even if his singing hasn't been quite up-to-Idol-par yet. Scott's just "oh, so loveable." We find out in the pre-performance video that his sister is visually impaired, too. Whoa. Scott's at the piano and he looks way more comfortable than when he's been out on the stage singing and dancing. His performance was just okay for me, but he'll make it through to the next round. {Just a side note, it always worries me when Paula starts talking about some guy's instrument}

Danny GokeyI love Danny's glasses. I want to go tomorrow and get some. I also loved his performance. The dancing was a little cheesy, but his vocals were totally on. I agree with Simon--he reminds me of Michael McDonald. Another thing I love about him is that it always looks like he's having the time of his life.

Michael Sarver Michael Sarver comes across as one of the nicest guys ever in the competition. I like him, but he's probably a little too vanilla pudding for America. He reminds me of Josh Gracin, the Marine who made it into the AI finals in its second season. Josh has gone on to have a respectable country music career, in spite of Simon never being a fan. Well, I'll admit it, I HATE it when the singers sit on the stage. I'm bored. Michael must be bored too, because he stands up to finish the song. He was probably afraid he'd fall asleep if he didn't. The judges don't agree with me, but I predict he'll be in the bottom 3.

Jasmine Murray Jasmine is the biggest head-scratcher of the 13. Clearly, it's her looks that pushed her into the finals not her performance. She's young, very Stepford-Pageanty {mixing my descriptives, there}, and doesn't seem at all comfortable with the judges or other contestants. Once again I felt like I was at a high school musical. Jasmine is probably safe, but I'll be glad when she goes home.

Kris Allen Remember last year when I kept getting the blondes mixed up? Well, this year I get Matt Giraud and Kris Allen confused. They're both so boy band. Kris, no Matt, no Kris...whatever. Okay, Kris from little bitty Conway, Arkansas was practically unknown until he made it into the top 13. Kris is singing and playing his guitar--although I can't hear the guitar at all. Blah. He's cute--I like his crooked, smirky mouth. The performance is blah. Definitely a candidate for the bottom 3 if the boppers don't get on the phones. Simon was right when he said it might not have been a good idea to `trot the wife out so early.'

Allison Iraheta Personally I like Allison, and she was smokin' hot in her group of 12, but I don't think she has a chance in a million of being the next American Idol. I really like her performance--it was real and original(something you don't usually see on AI) Allison could become one of those breakout artists launched by the AI juggernaut though. I still think the judges are looking for a Latino to make it big.

Anoop Desai My personal jury is still out on Anoop even though he's #13 of the Top 13. He's okay for a novelty pick, but I just don't think he's that talented of a singer. I think Anoop would make a great male cheerleader at UNC where he's a grad student. Go Tarheels {what is a Tarheel, anyway?}. Yep. I'm right. His performance stinks. Beat It? That was really his song choice??? Scratch that about being a UNC cheerleader. Anoop has no moves. Besides not being able to sing or dance, he's one of those kids who insists on talking after the judges give their critique.

Jorge Nunez The judges have foisted Mr. Latino on us, telling us over and over again just how good he is. I'm not buying it. Not yet, anyway. Of course, I reserve the right to change my mind. In a word Jorge's performance is smarmy. Icky is another word that comes to mind.

Megan Corkrey Megan is our new "tattoo girl." The thing on Megan's arm isn't quite as ugly as last year's Carly's, but it's close. Tonight Megan's dressed like a giant red human Valentine. Weird performance. Can't decide if I like it or not. I don't think she has a very good voice, but she's not a bad performer. Hated the end. She's cute enough to stay. Chef Gordon Ramsay's in the audience and Simon asked him a question. Chef Ramsay answered, but he didn't have a mic so who knows what he said. Didn't matter--I'm totally transfixed by his Mantan.

Adam Lambert Adam has had some pretty bad press lately. Of his own making of course, but negative nonetheless. {Note to all you young people: Anyone can get access to what you post on Facebook, My Space, etc. Be careful out there.} As far as his performances so far--way too theatrical for my taste. Adam can sing. Tonight his vocals were awesome. Here goes Paula--talking about his whole package. Scary.

Matt Giraud Pre-performance I had no opinion at all for Matt Giraud. But then he blows me away. Quite the pianist, too. This is definitely one of my favorite performances of the night.

Alexis Grace Does it seem like there are a lot of young single mothers this year? Alexis is my favorite in the competition so far and she gets the choice final spot. I thought she started out really good, but ended up shouting out a lot of the song. But she's dressed in some sort of black hot pants lingerie get up that will definitely get her some votes.

Top 3
Danny Gokey
Matt Giraud
Adam Lambert

Bottom 3
Michael Sarver
Kris Allen
Jorge Nunez

I'm going to guess that Michael and Kris are going home tomorrow night.

P.S. Anyone remember Lil Rounds' performance? Yep. That's why you never want to go first.


Joey said...

Did you see Kris' wife after Simon said they shouldn't have trotted her out so soon? OOOOOOH... she was P.O.'d!

shoeaddict said...

Ummm, I would've been P.O'ed too. She DID look angry. I hate Adam Lambert! I can't stand the cheesing for the camera and the Broadway-like singing.