Wednesday, March 11, 2009

American Idol first two sent home

33 million people voted last night. That's almost half the number of votes Barack-star got in the Presidential election. Amazing.

Before we hear the results, Ryan tells us about a new rule: The judges' save. If the judges feel like someone's been unfairly eliminated...they can choose to save them. But only one "judges' save" can be used during the season and the next week two contestants have to be sent home. Get that?

Michael Sarver: safe
Allison Iraheta: safe
Matt Giraud:safe
Kris Allen: safe
Megan Corkrey: safe
Jasmine Murray: Going home
Scott McIntyre: safe {fortunately he didn't have to walk to the middle of the stage}
Alexis Grace: safe
Danny Gokey: safe
Adam Lambert: safe
Lil Rounds: safe
Jorge Nunez: Adios
Anoop Desai: safe

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