Tuesday, March 3, 2009

American Idol--Final 12 semifinalists perform. This week's results toughest to predict.

Tonight the final group of 12 perform. Tomorrow night 3 more top vote getters will join the finalists. And Thursday is the wild card show when the final 3 will be chosen. Get all that? By the end of this week we'll have all 12 finalists. 9 chosen by voters and 3 chosen by the judges.

I really hope tonight's show isn't as horrible as last week's trainwreck. I have knitting to get back to.

Von Smith
Von is from Missouri where we live, so I want him to do well. I like his performance a lot! I don't remember Von being this good in the previous auditions. Actually, I don't remember Von at all from the auditions. Too bad he's in the first position.

Taylor Vaifanua Taylor was one of my early favorites. Not tonight, she missed too many notes in Alicia Keyes' "If I Ain't Got You." Blah.

Alex Wagner-Trugman I promise you, I've never seen this kid before. I hope I don't have to sit through another one of his painful performances. Hated the dancing and the sort of Joe Cocker-lite growling into the mic. Too fake for my tastes.

Arianna Afsar This girl was actually good before tonight. Classic case of choosing the wrong song. Arianna murdered ABBA's "The Winner Takes It All. A third of the way through it, I was hoping she'd just quit a la barefoot blonde Brooke White.

Ju'not Joyner I pretty much refuse to vote for anyone with an apostrophe in their name. Sorry Junot, I mean Ju'not. JJ has a good voice but this slow, boring version of "Hey There, Delilah" just put me to sleep. Too bad. This was the best vocal of the night so far.

Kristen McNamara Kristen could make it through to the top 12 simply because she's the first to sing an up tempo song. She looks like an AI contender. I'll probably vote for her even though she's dressed a little bit like Ellie Mae Clampett tonight. Kristen reminds me of a young Dyan Cannon.

Nathaniel Marshall Before he sings a note I want this big crybaby to go home. I admit I haven't liked him since the Hollywood auditions. There's not much Nathaniel can do to change my mind. I think he stinks. There's just too much of everything. The mugging, the dancing, the earrings, the headband, the tattoos, the pointing, the piercings. He's my Danny Noriega this season. Sorry to be so harsh. Even the gratuitous cutaways to his triple XL grandmother won't make me vote for Nathaniel.

Felicia Barton I'm so glad Felicia was called back when ringer Joanna Pacitti was deemed ineligible. She's a standout for sure.

Scott McIntyre Yes, Scott is the blind guy. But! He can actually sing. It gets a little scary for me when he kind of jumps off the stool and starts to walk around the stage. Scott sings with a lot of feeling and I like that. Paula calls him "one of our finest," not sure I agree with that although I like him. Simon calls him relevant and predicts he sail through to the finals. He's immensely likeable.

Kendall Beard This girl is a cutie, but her vocals just weren't very good. Too bad. I had high hopes. Best outfit of the night though.

Jorge Nunez So let me remind you that I think the judges are looking for a Latin singer this year. If I'm right, Jorge has a chance. Well, Jorge's singing what has to be the world's worst of arrangement of "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me." Shocker though...the judges love him. My first inclination may have been correct. If he's not voted in as a finalist tomorrow night, I'll bet he makes it through as a wild card.

Lil Rounds Lil is really good. I like her style.

The producers stacked this show so the early performers who were decent {Von Smith & Felicia Barton} don't have a chance against the judges' favorites.

My picks:
Jorge Nunez
Scott McIntyre
Lil Rounds


Jenn said...

This night was much harder to vote because there were MUCH better vocals that both of the other nights combined....last week I was so thankful for TiVO. I think I FF through most of the show!
I think Lil Rounds has a great sound...I just can't get past her name! It just bugs me....and oh please America, don't vote for Nathaniel...EHH!

Joey said...

Von is the one who just about burst into tears because Simon told him that one of his Hollywood Week performances was self-indulgence non-sense... something a child would do. (You've probably figured that out by now. I'm sure they've shown the clip ad nauseum.) I wanted him to be a wild card pick, but I saw at work tonight that he wasn't chosen (not that I know who he was up against).

I'm REALLY going to have to have to get my crap together and start watching. I haven't even watched the two-hour "24" yet. I'm all out of whack because of the 40 extra minutes of driving each day and my 90-minute workout after work. That DOESN'T count the 30 or so extra minutes I spend working (off the clock, of course) or talking at the end of the day (i.e., procrastinating going to they gym). I'm gone about 12 straight hours a day now. I really need to get it together and figure out how to watch more TV!

Joey said...

I also need to figure out how to proofread my responses. I wish this response section had spell/grammar-check!