Wednesday, March 4, 2009

American Idol 2009: 3 more finalists; 8 named to compete in wild card round--including Trainwreck Tatiana

Lil Rounds: Top Twelve
Arianna Afsar: out
Taylor Vaifanua: out
Alex Wagner-Trugman: out
Kendall Beard: out
Scott McIntyre: Top Twelve
Kristen McNamara: out
Nathaniel Marshall: out
Felicia Barton: out
Von Smith: out
Junot Joyner: out
Jorge Nunez: Top Twelve

And, now I'm 7 for 9! That's really good, folks. I'm so proud of myself.

The judges also chose 8 people to come back tomorrow night to compete for 3 wild card slots:

Von Smith (my Missouri guy)
Jasmine Murray
Ricky Braddy
Megan Corkrey
Tatiana Trainwreck
Matt Giraud
Jesse Langseth
Anoop Desai

My predictions for tomorrow night: Von, Megan, and Anoop will round out the final 12.

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