Friday, March 27, 2009

American Idol 2009 Top 9 Power Rankings

Week after week of solid performances puts Matt G. in first place in the power rankings. Adam's smooth comeback from last week's Man In Black debacle moves him up the ladder a full seven spots. And, Allison--she's only 16--is now firmly entranched in the top 3. Former frontrunners Danny and Little need to hit it out of the park to reclaim some of their luster. {Just a matter of time before Anoop, Kris, Scott, and Megan are AI history.}

1. Matt Giraud
2. Adam Lambert
3. Allison Iraheta
4. Danny Gokey
5. Lil Rounds
6. Anoop Desai
7. Kris Allen
8. Scott McIntyre
9. Megan Corkrey


Anonymous said...

I disagree with placing Matt at the top, although he has been one of the most consistent singers alongside Danny. The fact that he was in the bottom 2 last week could mean he doesn't have a large enough fan base to make it all the way. Here is how I would rate the top 9:
1. Danny- I think he is the most consistent performer.
2. Adam- I am not a fan of his whatsoever, but he has a huge fan base, and he was very good last week because he did not over do it.
3. Allison- She is a favorite of the judges, and she is the most consistent girl. The judges like Lil more, although I think they have unfairly criticized Lil recently.
4. Matt- As long as he isn't in the bottom 3 this week, I think he can move up on this list. I'm just not sure how much of a fan base he has after he had less votes than Megan.
5. Anoop- I was torn between Anoop and Lil for the fifth spot, but I gave it to Anoop because he has been better the last two weeks than Lil. I also think that Anoop understands that you are supposed to make songs your own, while Lil continually changes her stlye to fit the genre of music. If she continues to do this, the judges will continually give her bad reviews, and she could go much sooner than anticipated.
6. Lil- See Anoop.
7. Kris- He is solid, but he is overshadowed by almost every male in the competition. He will almost certainly go in the next three weeks.
8. Megan- I like her, but she just isn't good enough. I think she deserves to go next, but I think she might have a large enough fan base to surpass Kris and Scott.
9. Scott- He doesn't deserved to be last. I think he has been okay recently, but definitely better than Megan. If he had come last year, he could have easily been Top 5. But it just seems that he gets overshadowed every week because he picks the wrong song. Unless he starts picking the right song, I think he will go next week, or the week after. I think the sympathy vote will keep him through this week.

mdh88 said...

Lil is the best vocalist this year, but needs help with her song selection. Danny, Matt, Allison, and Matt are tied for 2-5. The other four do not deserve to win -- especially Scott and Megan.

Anonymous said...

What show are you guys watching?....Top Dogs...Kris, Allison, Adam and Danny...the rest are just dog meat at this point you can't go on week after week without a stand out performance.