Tuesday, March 31, 2009

American Idol 2009 Top 9 performances: I Tunes, You Tunes, They All Tunes

The theme is something about Itunes popular downloads. Contestants "on the bubble" right now are: Kris Allen, Scott McIntyre and Megan Corkrey. Barring a miracle, game-changing performance, one of these three is saying adios tomorrow night.

Oooh lookie! There's Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin with their little girls.

Back to the show. I guess there's no mentor. They producers just sent the idols to the radio studio with Ryan. Boring.

Anoop Desai (6) Anoop's up singing Usher. Here's what I don't like about Anoop: He's always way too aware of the audience, the camera, and himself. He never lets loose to the song like a real musician. Way too choreographed for my taste. Here's what I like about Anoop: Brown eyes. Simon says it best when he tells Anoop he comes across as a wannabe.

Megan Corkrey (9) Takes on Bob Marley's "Turn the Lights Down Low." Wow! Aren't the dreads, cute? You know, what used to be an interesting voice is now just annoying. Seriously. And when she refers to "her fans?" Delusional Time for Megan to go home.

Danny Gokey (4) Danny must step up his performance tonight. He's dropped from a clear fan favorite to fourth in the power rankings. Great vocals. {He sang some Rascal Flatts tune}. Definitely headed for the top 3.

Allison Iraheta (3) Singing "Don't Speak" by No Doubt, Allison is smokin' hot. At first I thought she looked like a hot mess...but in context with the song, the guitar, the lights...I get it. Top 3. Chuckling at Randy giving Allison fashion advice.

Scott McIntyre (8) Back behind the piano and singing Billy Joel's "Don't Go Changing". Apparently, someone's working on Scott's hair...it's better, but not quite right yet. I think Scott thinks singing loudly is emoting. Whatever. He's better than he's been since way back to the Hollywood auditions.

Matt Giraud (1) "You Found Me", by The Fray. Unlike Anoop, Matt always seems like a real musician to me. I'm not a fan of the song. But I love his keyboard, his vocals were okay. Unfortunately, I think his song choice was probably an over-reaction to being in the bottom 3 last week. He may be returning to the stools of doom tomorrow night.

Lil "Little" Rounds (5) Little's singing a Celine Dion song. Singing Celine is usually a bad choice. We'll see if Little pulls it off. I like her hair. Don't like the dress...makes her look too hefty. Little isn't Celine, that's for sure. But she's not an embarassment. She's safe for another week, but I have to agree with the judges--it all sounded very old fashioned.

Adam Lambert (2) The tease into the commercial went like this: "When we come back, Adam gets funky with Wild Cherry." Seriously. So we're treated to Adam's version of "Play That Funky Music." Well, I don't get the dance moves. But, I give him props for the vocal styling. Fearless. {Note: Don't know that I can go along with Paula and put Adam in the same league as Mick Jagger and Steven Tyler}

Kris Allen (7) Kris sings "Aint No Sunshine." What a great song! Kris is like Matt, a real musician. This is a solid performance. One of the best of the nights and certainly, the biggest surprise.

Bottom 3:
Anoop Desai
Megan Corkrey
Matt Giraud

Top 3:
Allison Iraheta
Adam Lambert
Kris Allen

Going home: Megan Corkrey


Jenn said...

I'm with you....Megan Joy, Megan Corkery...whatever....You are OUTTA HERE! That was horrible!

Every week I love Kris Allen more and no, it's not because he is from Conway, Arkansas...okay, maybe a little bit, but I do really like him!

Shoeaddict said...

I loved Matt.

Anonymous said...

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