Thursday, March 5, 2009

American Idol 2009 Top 12 Finalists Chosen...make that 13!

What??? You've forgotten who's already been voted into American Idol's top 12 circle of finalists? Well, let's recap:

Lil Rounds

Scott McIntyre

Jorge Nunez

Allison Iraheta

Kris Allen

Adam Lambert

Alexis Grace

Michael Sarver

Danny Gokey

3 girls and 6 guys.

Tonight eight more contestants perform and the judges will choose three of them to join the above nine. Without even hearing a note, I predict the judges' choices will be Megan Corkrey, Anoop Desai and Matt Giraud. Yes, that will leave the group lopsided with 4 girls and 8 guys, but the guys are clearly the stronger sex in this competition.

Jesse Langseth I think Jesse's supposed to be giving off a Bonnie Raitt vibe. I don't know, didn't work for me. She's unique, but I don't think that's enough.

Matt Giraud I HATE the outfit. LOVED his performance.

Megan Corkrey Megan's a judges' favorite. This girl will have to fall flat on her face not to make it into the finals. Her singing's adequate. Certainly good enough to justify the judges' pre-ordained decision.

Von Smith He's my Mr. Missouri. A little boring, but he has a great voice. Too bad about the hair. No chance Von will make it into the finals.

Jasmine Murray Jasmine's not my cup of tea. Or coffee. Or fruit punch. Or anything else. She reminds me of a pageant girl or the lead in a high school play. Still I think the judges are pulling for her and at this stage that's all that counts. If they want to even out the male/female ratio she's in.

Ricky Braddy I never like it when AI contestants sing Stevie Wonder. It's an automatic turn-off for me--obviously I need to work on that prejudice. Regardless. Ricky's off my radar. Go home sooner rather than later. {Someone in my house just said "couldn't he have picked something more contemporary than a 36-year-old song?"}

Tatiana Trainwreck Wait. Didn't la diva already sing this once? Actually more than once! This girl has been given more chances than the Chicago Cubs. Stop it. Act like real judges and send her back to her casa.

Anoop Desai We all know Anoop is going to make it. He's got the whole Slumdog thing going for him. His performance is a little Showbizzy for me, but mark my words...Anoop is in the Top 12.

Reviewing: My predictions
Anoop Desai
Megan Corkery
Matt Giraud
alternate: Jasmine Murray if the judges are trying to keep m-f equal

And the judges say?
Jasmine Murray
Megan Corkery
Matt Giraud

and surprise (only because he's #13)!
Anoop Desai

I should be the fifth judge.


Jenn said...

Our DVR cut off last night right after Anoop sang so I had to run in here this morning to get the results...not like we couldn't guess, right? Pretty predictable, although if I have to see Tatiana sing or cry on TV again, I may cry myself! EHH!

Anonymous said...; You saved my day again.

Anonymous said...; You saved my day again.

Anonymous said...

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