Thursday, March 19, 2009

American Idol 2009 Top 10 Power Rankings

Alexis made a graceful exit and left 10 contestants standing--7 guys and just 3 gals. Biggest loser this week (besides Alexis) was Adam Lambert after his horrendous butchering of the Man in Black's "Ring of Fire". Adam drops six places in the power rankings. Adam's a favorite, so look for him to climb back up the ladder next week. Biggest gainer was Anoop, who made a comeback with Willie Nelson's ballad "You Were Always On My Mind". And bringing up the rear--Michael Sarver--who's just so-so in the competition.

Leading the pack is Matt Giraud who's been under the radar until his awesome performance Tuesday night. Suddenly he's a contender for the finals. And, oh, I guess the report that American Idol is fixed and the judges have already chosen the top 4 was wrong, huh?

This week's Power Rankings:

1. Matt Giraud
2. Danny Gokey
3. Anoop Desai
4. Lil Rounds
5. Scott McIntyre
6. Megan Corkrey
7. Allison Iraheta
8. Adam Lambert
9. Kris Allen
10.Michael Sarver


Anonymous said...

If you switch scott and kris you could be right, i mean Kris hello !! wayy hott and wayy talented. Scott not so much hot, cant play without his piano, and slightly repetitive.

Anonymous said...

Here's my list:
1. Danny Gokey- Consistently liked by the judges.
2. Matt Giraud- Consistently liked by the judges, except for his terrible Cold Play song during Group 2 performances so I place him behind Danny.
3. Adam Lambert- I personally don't like him, but he is obviously a front runner. Plus, if he wasn't in the bottom three with that performance, what will put him there? He is still right up there.
4. Anoop Desai- He obviously put himself back on the map, and I would place him ahead of Lil as well because she seemed to go down a bit in the eyes of the judges.
5. Lil Rounds- I think she will surpass at least two of the guys in front of her, but I put her at five at the moment because she went away from what she was good at. Although I liked her country performance, she did what you were not supposed to do. Your supposed to change the music to your style, much like what Anoop did, while she chaged herself. That's why I have Anoop ahead of her at the moment.
6. Kris/Scott- Kris recieves a ton of love because girls think he is cute, and Scott recieves a ton of love because he is blind and what he is doing is truly remarkable. I don't think either one of them are close to being the best singer, but they both have perks that could allow them to sneak into the Top 5 over someone like Lil or Anoop.
7. Allison/Megan- Allison is a rocker who I think is talented enough to win it all. Unfortunately, I just have a feeling that she won't make it far. She is never given enough credit because she has yet to go last in a memorable spot. Going second last week I think might have been one of the reasons she landed in the bottom three because she was good enough to not be in that position. I tie her with Megan because she is quirky and seems to have a big fan base, possibly even bigger than Allison's. I don't think this is fair because I think Allison is better than Megan. However, I do like Megan a lot, but in the end I think one of them is going to go soon, right after the guy bringing up the rear.
Michael Sarver- He is a joke compared to every other singer in the competition. I think his facial expressions are annoying. I don't find him likeable at all, and I also think that his last performance was inaudible. He mumbled through the whole song and I only understoond when he sang "pick up truck". If he doesn't go next, someone will be robbed of their dream unfairly, because Michael is clearly the least talented singer remaining. He deserved to go first out of the Top 13. Jorge was definitely better than him.