Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Second group of 12: The worst American Idol show--ever???

For some reason Ryan is dressed like he's going to the car wash. That's distracting.

Jasmine Murray
Jasmine is only 17. She's horrible and headed back to the high school musical (not The High School Musical...her high school's musical). Simon says it perfectly..."you have everything except a great voice."

Matt Giraud
Matt's "Viva La Vida" wasn't for me. Paula liked it, the rest of the judges agreed with me. He came off as cheesy.

Jeanine Vailes
The judges think the best thing Jeanine has going for her are her legs. Too bad this isn't The Next Top Model. So far this has been a b-a-d show. Jeanine pleads to the audience to vote for her.

Nick Mitchell
Okay, Nick, you're sort of a funny dude. But it's time to pack your act and go home to your local comedy club. Let's make room for a real singer. Thank you.

Allison Iraheta
Finally, someone who can sing. In fact, we have our first reference to a contestant's ability to "sing the phone book" (this time uttered by Paula). Allison is the best so far, but if I was singing I'd be the best so far too--that's just how awful this show has been. She's a cutie for sure--and I love, love, love Heart.

Kris Allen
For this particular show, Kris was pretty good. He's pleasant enough. Might even grow on me. Not the caliber of finalists in previous seasons, though.

Megan Corkrey
Megan looks like an American Idol, a pop star. Megan has a unique voice and she's not the worst of the night. Faint praise I know. It just seemed like the song went on and on and on. Also, really ugly tattoo. I'm just so disappointed in the whole show tonight.

Matt Breitzke
B-O-R-I-N-G. Oh yeah, Simon agrees with me. Even though I nearly fell asleep during his performance, Matt is the best guy of the night.

Jesse Langseth
Jesse's got a cool vibe. She looks a little like Sandy Dennis. Remember her in the original Out of Towners movie with Jack Lemmon? I think I'll put that in my Netflix queue. I like Jesse. But we still haven't seen a breakout performance like our
little Alexis Grace last week. Observation: We have a lot of single moms this year.

Kai Kalama
I think Kai could make it through on looks and personality. Kai is hot. He sings okay. Plus, he takes care of his sick mom. Here's some advice for Kai if he squeaks through: lose the dance moves.

Mishavonna Henson
Best thing about Mishavonna is her name. She's lucky to be near the end of the show. Folks might remember her.

Adam Lambert
Don't like anyone singing this other than Mick, but I'll hand it to him--he stands out.

Best Least bad of this lame-o show:
Allison Iraheta
Adam Lambert
Megan Corkrey