Monday, February 16, 2009

D.C. or bust

I don't think Barack-star and Mobama like D.C. that much.

Usually it takes a President at least a year or so to hate facing the media so much they start making safe public appearances.

Less than a month into their President/ First Lady gig and Barack-star and Mobama have already gone to a grade school and read storybooks to the class while the press stood quietly by and watched attentively. It worked so well that time, Mobama even made a return trip just a couple of days later {she must really hate the city.}

Plus, BS and Mobama have already taken three long weekend vacations--one to Camp David and two to Chicago. BS was in such a hurry to hit the road Friday, he didn't even wait to sign the spending bill he told everybody had to be passed "RIGHT NOW!!" The nine hundred zillion dollar bill is waiting for his signature--on the desk in the Oval Office he just had to have.

Then there are the two road trips last week to the hinterlands. Barack-star said he wanted to talk to regular folks about the bailout. But I think he felt he might be losing his mojo and wanted to get some of that warm, fuzzy campaign feel back again. Nothing like giving a house away to somebody like poor Henrietta Hughes to put you back on top.

I hope Barack-star and Mobama settle in. They've signed a lease for at least another 3 years and 11 months.

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Mogal1960 said...

I couldn't agree more. I am committed to pray for them as President for the welfare of our country, but I am also to committed to doing whatever I can to make sure their lease is not renewed.