Wednesday, February 4, 2009

American Idol Auditions: group round jumps ugly

It's the infamous group round tonight. This is when the drama starts.

Lots of personality clashes. Rose Flack is upset that bikini girl thinks the competition is about being cute. Bikini girl goes to bed early and tells her group she's going home. They're ecstatic until BG returns to sing another day.

Tatiana's group thinks she's weird. She is.

Kristen calls Nathaniel "dramatic."

Regardless. The show must go on.

BTW, this is the first year the groups mix the guys and the girls. I like this twist.

Simon announces a new rule: "Forget the lyrics and you're out." Hooray. I hope he means it.

75 people made it through to next week--including a bunch of contestants I've never ever seen before.

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