Tuesday, February 17, 2009

American Idol 2009 first group of 12 perform. Blonde girl does Aretha proud, Tatiana Trainwreck doesn't choke, and Danny Gokey brings down the house.

Tonight we see our first full-fledged performances by AI contestants who made it through the Hollywood rounds. After the show you'll be able to vote on the first group of 12. The way I understand the new set up, Wednesday Ryan announces the 3 contestants with the highest votes. One guy, one girl, and the next highest--boy or girl. By the end of week 3, we'll have 9 of the 12 finalists. The final three slots will be filled by wild cards chosen by the judges. Capisce?

On with the show.

Jackie Tohn
Sings Elvis and starts out thin and weak, but gets it going thirty seconds into the performance. Strong on performance...weak on the singing. Simon was not a fan.

Ricky Braddy
I can't help it, I hate listening to guys with a Carolina accent. So, I get really distracted when Ricky talks. I like him better singing, but even though he's flawless hitting all the notes, I just don't like him too much--sort of blah personality.

Alexis Grace
Alexis is awesome. Kind of a throwback to old time blues/soul singer. Too much red lipstick, but she's hot. One of the few singers--ever--in this competition with a unique style. She's in first place for me right now.

Brent Keith Smith
Don't like it when grown ups go by two first names...Brent Keith Smith works in a home improvement hardware store. Country's his game. He'll never make it into the top 3. Sorry Brent Keith. Back to Home Depot you go. Simon agrees with me. Brent Keith should be on Nashville Star not American Idol.

Stevie Wright
How did this girl get past the first audition? Horrible. Bad. Stevie gets sent home tomorrow night.

Anoop Desai
Anoop has a beautiful voice...but he stood out more in the auditions than he did tonight. He was nasally and then moved into whiny along the midpoint of the song. Nope. Anoop. Not sure it was good enough. Great name though. The judges really like Anoop, so even if he doesn't make into the top 12 tomorrow night they'll push him through as a wildcard.

Casey Carlson
Casey thinks she has the look. I think she looks silly and her teeth are too big for her mouth. Her mugging and winking at the camera are so annoying I wanted to fast forward my tivo. But I didn't. It got worse. She's worse than Stevie Wright because Casey thinks she was good. The judges pan her and she can't believe it.

Michael Sarver
Michael's the Texas roughneck. I like him as a guy. The judges like him But singing? Well not very good tonight. On the strength of his performance tonight, Michael may have sung his last song for American Idol..he's another candidate for the wild card.

Anne Marie Boskovich
Anne Marie is a judges favorite. She's also a semi-pro and works as a background singer in Nashville. But she's just not very good tonight. She'll have to hope for a wild card position.

Stephen Fowler
Hate it. Go home.

Tatiana del Toro
Tatiana Trainwreck del Toro...just hearing her name gives me shivers. Still, if I'm honest, she rocked Whitney Houston's "Saving All My Love." Amazing. And then she talks. If she'd just not talk I might be more on her side. BTW, Trainwreck Tat had the worst outfit of the night. Her dress looked like a 1960s shower curtain.

Danny Gokey
Danny's got the final position which is usually reserved for `the performance' of the evening. He's always been one of my favorites. Unfortunately for me, I HATE this song. Why did he have to sing this cheesy, cornball tune? I'll probably give him a pass because I like him, but it's hard. The judges love him.

Top 3: Alexis Grace, Danny Gokey, and {unfortunately} Tatiana Trainwreck.


kalisa said...

I used to sing in church choir w/ Alexis. She's awesome, huh? I really hope she does well!

krocco said...

I want Ricky, Alexis, and Danny, I don't want to have TaTramaqueen freaking me out all the time. The somber self, the head tilt, the sighs, the pleas for her dream, the incessant giggling, whining and crying (remember the hallway scene?) argh.blech. I may be in denial but I hope America saves her spot for a real competitor.

coffee said...

the producers of American Idol are obviously singling out Danny Gokey as their favorite, but i would like to see him win so i don't mind

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