Sunday, January 25, 2009

Weekend Highlight

The highlight of our weekend was celebrating the life of little Emma Martin at the dedication of the Technology Program at the Good Shepherd School for Children in St. Louis.

We lost Emma last spring, but Saturday would have been her sixth birthday and what a legacy this sweet little girl left!

Through the loving efforts of her parents (Sean & Wendy), Emma's friends, and the staff at Good Shepherd, the Technology Program has been greatly enhanced from donations in Emma's name with the latest advancements in automated teaching toys and other materials for special needs children.

John and I were so impressed with the Good Shepherd School and its staff. The school is an inclusive environment. It serves children six week to six years, of all abilities. Children with developmental delays receive their services side-by-side with typical developing kids. Imagine the benefits to all the children!

Check out their website to read all about the services the aptly-named Good Shepherd provides.


Jenn said...

This sounds like it was really neat...glad that ya'll got to be there and check it all out in person. Very cool and wonderful for the Martin family. What a great way to leave a legacy for other children!

Anonymous said...

It was certainly a day I will never forget. Emma blessed all of our lives - her smile could melt an iceberg. Sean and Wendy taught all of us about love, devotion, and sacrifice. Emma's legacy will live on as other children grow to their fullest potential. carol

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you and John were there!