Tuesday, January 13, 2009

American Idol Season 8 Heats Up in Phoenix

So Season 8 of American Idol has started. Part talent show, part freak show, love it or hate it, American Idol has made it back for another year.

First up? Auditions from Phoenix. Home of Season 6 winner Jordin Sparks. Jordin even welcomed the kids to the auditions. Big...very big...of her.

Hooray! We have a new tattoo girl. Emily Wynne-Hughes threw her girl band overboard to audition and now she's headed to Hollywood solo.

J.G. Aufua is going to Hollywood, too. He's hoping to take his Il Divo act to America so he can turn his family's life around.

Cute-as-a-button Arianna Afsar tells the judges about her volunteer program that matches teens with senior citizens, then really wows them with her spot on singing.

Girl Stevie Wright {yes, named after Stevie Nicks} sings Etta James' standard "At Last" and earns a spot on the plane to Hollywood.

Michael Sarver a roughneck on an oil rig is singing to--yep, you guessed it--make a better life for his family. I like him and so do the judges.

Katrina Darell--hereafter known as bikini babe--makes her way into at least two of the judges' hearts and after a smackdown with new judge Kara DioGuardi gets the coveted yellow ticket.

Just a note. I pretty much hate it when anyone other than Stevie Wonder sings Stevie Wonder.

Not quite as annoying as Mikala Gordon from a few seasons back, but reminiscent, Brianna Quijada cheerleads her way into the audition, but blows second song "Killing Me Softly." Still, Paula and Simon put her through on the strength of her cloying personality.

Cutie Deanna Brown from Louisville has the most unusual voice of the lot. This girl could be a surprise. Definitely the type we may see in the top 12.

Cody Sheldon, slasher filmmaker/singer makes it through...surprisingly, in my opinion.

Alexander Wagner-Trugman is a kid who will totally get on my nerves after about 20 seconds. I don't like his voice. Don't like his weird facial expressions. Don't like his jokes. Don't like him. But I'm not judging. We'll see him in Hollywood.

I think Scott McIntyre is the first blind contestant we've had on AI. Before he sings a note, I want him to win. Scott sings Billy Joel and blows me away. All four judges give Scott thumbs up. On his way out the door Ryan tries to high five Scott, but Scott doesn't see him. Awkward.

In all 27 kids who tried out in Phoenix got golden tickets.

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The Ryan comment had me laughing. ;)