Tuesday, January 27, 2009

American Idol Season 8 Auditions: Jacksonville 5+11

After a little tribute to Randy Jackson (Jackson-ville, get it?), we see a self-professed Justin Guarini lookalike. Josh Ulloa, sort of a one man band/singer gives us Marvin Gaye with some extra embellishments. Simon says his audition was like Inspector Gadget. I think you had to see it to understand, but it made perfect sense. Josh is going to Hollywood.

Sharon Wilbur brings her little pooch in with her. She hands off the dog and sings what I think may have been the first Karen Carpenter song ever in American Idol auditions. It's two for two. Sharon's going with Josh to Hollywood.

Dana Moreno screams some Chaka Khan and is dismissed. A delusional Kaneswa Finnie is so bad Simon brings her mother in to tell her how terrible she is.

Muy caliente Julissa Veloz is a complete loco before she sings, but then pretty darn good. Paula gets her feeling hurt and leaves the judging table. Julissa gets a unanimous ole and is headed to the semifinals.

Darrin Darnell may not win American Idol, but he'll be considered for Miss Congeniality. Darrin has a rough start when his friend gets cut. He's really, really bad. Bye Darrin.

Naomi Sikes calls herself a talented looney. Great. She also compares herself to Mariah Carey. She's singing Minnie Ripperton. Okay, she's not singing Minnie Ripperton. Horrible. Day one in Jacksonville does not end on a high note.

16-year-old Jasmine Murray is the highlight so far. Love her. She's a little nasally, but okay. She's heading west.

Physics student George Ramirez scares Ryan and everyone else with his thinking. Bad beard, too. After sharing that in his wildest dreams he wants a small house with nice floors he kind of sings. He's sent back to school to dream about his little house with its nice floors.

Ann Marie is sent away to "find the star in herself." We see her putting on more makeup.

TK Hash a former contestant is back...Simon lets him know he doesn't remember him. That's not a good sign. Actually, I think I remember him and I think he sang Imagine that time, too. Too, too many runs. Simon votes no--loudly. The other three judges send him through.

Michael Perrelli is all happy and folk singy with his guitar and bandana...until it's audition time. He loses it when he's told he can't play his guitar in his audition. Big entitled baby, go home.

Ann Marie Boskovich comes back in with makeup on, touseled hair, and sandals. Why does this make any difference? We all know the kids who make it through get a huge makeover. Anyway she sings and the judges give her the golden ticket to Hollywood.

In all 16 contestants from Jacksonville will be in the semi-finals.

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